GalvestonMusic.Org's intent and purpose is to provide access to information about the musicians and the rich music history of Galveston, Texas.  As the site develops you will be able to find information about music events as well as links to musicians pages.  We hope the site can become a valuable resource for you regarding finding information about live music and musicians that have and continue to perform in Galveston, Texas, USA.


Island Music

Bongo Joe

The Privateers

Island Music is the music store for working musicians on Galveston Island. Unbelievable 55 gal. oil drum player.  He used to jam on the seawall.

A Galveston community marching band.

Bert Wills

Utah Carl Beach

The Line Up

Legendary musician.

Galveston's TV star pioneer.

One of Galveston's hardest working bands.

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